The up and downs of wedding hair

I am now less than five months away from the wedding, and have suddenly realised that apart from buying the dress and hair comb, I have given really very little thought to how I want to look on the day. Nice would be a good start, and maybe even pretty… but that’s not really a good description to give to a hair and make-up artist is it?!

I have been researching lots of looks so that know vaguely what I am talking about when I eventually pick some poor soul to beautify me on my big day.

I have been trying to find styles to complement my dress which is a little glamorous and has a hint of the 1940s vintage, and there are two  looks I am digging at the moment. They are both very different but they both have an old-school, vintage Hollywood feel.

The first is a low side do:

blackandwhite Carrie Underwood Hair Side



wedding side

The second is a down do, with long waves like so:

wavy down bride hairstyle with crystal hair clip






Or…. I could combine the two in some sort of wavy, side do, like so:






The choices. Although I better get booking a stylist tout de suite… there are so many out there it’s so hard to know who to choose and I have a short list of 20!

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