Vintage elegance for budget-conscious brides… from Topshop!

I love this beaded maxi-dress from Topshop’s new collection, and I think it could make an elegant, vintage inspired wedding dress – perfect for a more informal soiree. At just £225, the Snow Queen Maxi Dress is a steal for brides on a budget, and the loose column style should hide a multiple of sins! It’s probably not the best option for petite ladies like me, but if you are not vertically challenged then I’d suggest you check this out.


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Charlotte Balbier: The Modern Fairy Godmother

Designer Charlotte Balbier, the daughter of bridal powerhouse Amanda Wyatt, has been creating romantic, fairytale wedding gowns (with a quirky, vintage twist) since 2003. And she has really waved her magic wand over the recently launched 2010 collection, which features a wide range of dresses that are likely to have broad appeal.

Along with more classic pieces in beautiful fabrics, the range offers options for fashion-conscious brides – think short puffball skirts and forties-inspired tea dress hemlines. Also on offer are trends such as soft pastel shades and dramatic, ruffled single shoulder straps.

I love, love, love this range and the fact that there is something for most women, whether they want to look like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland or a Hollywood siren. Let’s have a look:

Short stuff

If you are small like me, or want to show a little leg, these dresses are just fab!

Agnes_Front Fay_Front Noelle_Front Ruby_Front

Blushing bride

Not everyone wants to wear white, and the collection features soft shades of pink and champagne.

AdvertisingShot_FIFI_2 AdvertisingShot_LOUELLA Aphrodite_Front Elouise_CloseUp

The cold shoulder

Single, ruffled shoulders are a key look.

AdvertisingShot_CAMILLA AdvertisingShot_ELLA_2 Havana_CloseUp Havana_Front

Racy lace

Delicate, gorgeous lace is a classic trend.

AdvertisingShot_WILLOW Astrid_Front Caroline_Front Francine_Front


Column dresses and mermaid shapes are totally elegant.

Alexandra_Front Bardot_Front Evie_CloseUp Evie_Front

Big and bold

Sometimes a girl just wants to feel like a princess…

Camilla_SatDown Fifi_Front Sorrento_Front Tasia_Front

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