Gettin’ hitched Hollywood-style

We’ve all found ourselves pining after a picture painted in a Hollywood film or TV show at some point. After all, that’s one of the reasons why a programme like Sex and the City was so popular, right? I know I dreamt of owning Carrie’s wardrobe… and maybe Smith Jerrod.

But, as someone who spends a large amount of time writing about arts and entertainment, what I love about wedding films is the fact that they – by and large – feature a disaster scenario with a happy ending. And usually that disaster is something we can relate to or empathise with (I know when my family first met my fiancé’s, I feared it would be a remake of Meet the Fockers).

Next month, March 12th, will see the release of a new rom-com Our Family Wedding, starring America Ferrera (aka Ugly Betty). The film looks at the issues families can stir up in the run up to a wedding – in this case young couple Lucia and Marcus have to deal with bickering fathers and an over-eager mother.

It also highlights the questions and expectations that are thrown up when people of different cultural backgrounds decide to get hitched. As a British-Asian woman who will be getting married to a Welsh man next spring, I can definitely relate to this! We can’t afford to have two ceremonies, and don’t really want to either, so we are figuring out how we can create one event that will capture both of our backgrounds. And it is a challenge, so I look forward to see how the film deals with it.

Check out the trailer for Our Family Wedding (it probably won’t win any Oscars), and then read on for my top 5 wedding films… and the nuggets of wisdom they offer!

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding: I loved this Oscar-nominated 2002 film, which dealt not only with people from different backgrounds getting married, but also looked at the pressure that is put on women to settle down with a man.
Message: You need A LOT of compromise when organising a wedding – in this case John Corbett’s character Ian gave in entirely. Ah, what some men will do for love.

2. Father of the Bride: I haven’t seen the 1950 original starring Elizabeth Taylor, but the 1991 Steve Martin remake is still a classic for me.
Message: Dads can go crazy when seeing their little girls getting married… and weddings at home can be amazing (especially if you have THAT house and a planner like Franck).

3. Sex and The City: This 2008 film version of the series didn’t quite work for me, but has to be included on the list for the Viv West dress and the millions of women who saw it worldwide.
Message: Don’t get Carried (ahem) away when organising your big day, and take time out to remind yourself why you are getting hitched in the first place.

4. Mamma Mia! The Movie: A little cringey in parts, but weddings on the Greek Islands shot up in popularity after this 2008 chick-flick.
Message: You can’t rush love, some people wait decades. Oh, and please don’t sing Pierce Brosnan.

5. Monsoon Wedding: This beautiful 2001 film provides a snapshot of cosmopolitan Delhi life, as a family from around the world reunites for an arranged marriage. The wedding scene between Alice and Dubey really tugs at the heart strings.
Message: Sometimes people do get cold feet the day before the wedding… and the simplest wedding can still be enough to mark true love.

I know there are absolutely loads of films I have missed out, both old and new… Who doesn’t love Four Weddings and a Funeral, or what about Muriel’s Wedding and Honeymoon in Vegas? And I know I’d feel a little intimidated if my Wedding Planner came in the form of J-Lo…

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