Five summer wedding colour schemes

Last Sunday, Mr CB and I went to an open day at Cambridge Cottage, Kew, where representatives from Peyton Events (who provided the yummiest canapes), Prelude Entertainment and Pollen Nation florists were showcasing their products.

The venue was dressed for a wedding and looked even more lovely the when I saw it last – particularly the dining room, where each table was given a different colour scheme… proving that simple little touches can have quite a big impact.

Have a look below for some ideas:

Pretty in Pink

A simple look with flowers, including voluptuous peonies,  in fresh and summery pinks and peaches. I love the heart shaped cookie favours.

SAM_0112 SAM_0115

Clean white and green

A minimal look with with a country garden twist. I love the statement plant pot, and the lavender tucked into the napkins.

SAM_0117 SAM_0131

Zingy green and white

Same colours as the palette above, but a very different look. This is more modern and elegant, with the long tall vase, dark green napkins and chairs. The coordination gives the setting a more formal look.

SAM_0118 SAM_0119

Vintage lilac

This soft colour scheme has a vintage look with the distressed flower-filled birdcage, and ornate wine glasses and cutlery.

SAM_0121 SAM_0122

Opulent hot pink and gold

This is a striking look, utilising the rich colours of mid-summer flowers. The gold chairs add a bit of bling to the setting.

SAM_0124 SAM_0130

Finally, here are some pretty ideas for flowers at the ceremony…

SAM_0101 SAM_0104

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A U-turn somewhere between Lefkada and Kew Bridge…

I am grateful that organising a wedding is nothing like driving down a one-way street – you can make a U-turn and head the other way at any point. Yes, I’m heading for one destination (to get married) but thankfully there are a number of routes to get there.

What does this waffle mean?

Well, a while ago now – pre-knee dislocation (which explains my silence on the blog and twitter-sphere) – I made a massive U-turn in my wedding planning. I had been certain I wanted to get married in Greece, and had even met with a lovely planner, and was trying to decide which island would suit a wedding abroad. And then, I changed my mind. It is not that the plan ceased to appeal to me, it’s just that the thought of having to organise two events, one here and one overseas, began to concern me.

Would it be double the effort or double the fun? I have no clue, I’m the Clueless Bride. I was worried that this about-face would freak out Mr CB, so I secretly resumed my research of UK venues. I wanted to make sure that when I confronted him about my neurotic change of mind, I would be able to offer him a Plan B.

In short – Mr CB did freak out initially, but thankfully Plan B has worked out to be better than anything we originally imagined… and now we have a venue and caterer booked for next July. Hooray! This has lifted a massive strain between us, and we are finally enjoying the prospect of the big day.

The venue is the gorgeous little Cambridge Cottage in Kew Gardens. The venue can fit up to 80 people during the day and 120 in the evening. It has a very well sized private garden, where guests can have drinks and relax in the sun, which opens onto Kew Gardens itself.

There were a number of reasons why I went for this venue –

  • It is beautiful and elegant but in a casual, understated way.
  • It is fabulously light and airy, which will hopefully mean great pictures.
  • They work with a large selection of caterers – so there is a great choice of wedding breakfast possibilities (more of which later).
  • The aforementioned private garden.
  • There is no minimum number requirement, which I like.
  • Great transport links.
  • Kew will provide us with a buggy, to be driven by the photographer, so that we can have our wedding photos taken around the grounds and make the most of the stunning park!
  • There are extras, which we have decided not to take up as they will push us over our budget, however they would be a lovely touch if your purse allows it. The first is the possibility to have a reception in one of Kew’s glass houses; the second is a tour of the grounds for all the guests on the Kew Explorer (which I wasn’t blown away by, as I’d prefer the guests to be talking to each other and enjoying the wedding).

    The venue works with seven catering companies that you have to choose from – including Indian specialists. Exactly what I was looking for! There were two options – Ragamama and Laguna. I had heard great things about the latter, so they are now all confirmed.

    Here are some photos of Cambridge Cottage:

    Cambridge Cottage outside1 Cambridge Cottage outside2

    Cambridge Cottage outside3 DSCN5729


    We are also required to book our entertainment from two companies that Kew work with – Prelude and Sternberg Clarke – but aren’t too sure which one to choose. Florists and photographers do not have to be on Kew’s approved list, although they do recommend a few… There are so many things to think of now, but as the venue is such a massive part of the planning, at least I have something to work around.

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