News round-up: the week in weddings

Because it’s good to learn from the experiences of others…

Brides-to-be, here’s something to think about.

Modern, lavish weddings are just “overblown vanity projects” according to a senior clergyman. Rev Dr Giles Fraser, Canon Chancellor at St Paul’s Cathedral, believes extravagant ceremonies influenced by celebrity weddings threaten the value of marriage.

As reported in, he said: “The problem with the modern wedding is that it’s too often a glitzy stage-set, overly concerned with the shoes, the flowers, the napkin rings and performing to the cameras.”

Well, Rev Fraser, CB thinks you are spot-on. But when a girl starts looking at the myriad of wedding mags/sites/etc it can be hard not to get sucked into those pretty pictures… (More HERE).

And speaking of lavish weddings, Chelsea Clinton’s nuptials last weekend must have got the Rev quaking in his boots, after it emerged that the modest event cost a whopping $3.2 million. Chelsea, you vain thing (check out details of the former first daughter’s wedding HERE).

For a couple in the US, problems emerged because of two lavish weddings. Lynn France discovered that her husband was married to another woman after searching her name on Facebook. She came across more than 200 photos of her hubby in Walt Disney World, dressed as Prince Charming, with his new wife decked out as Sleeping Beauty.

“I was numb with shock,” said the occupational therapist from Ohio. “There was like an album of 200 pictures. Their whole wedding.”

CB doesn’t know what’s worse – news of the second marriage or a wedding in Disney World. (this is no Mickey Mouse subject, click HERE for more).

rwafMeanwhile, the health protection agency is investigating what caused 15 guests to fall ill after a wedding reception at a social club in Rocester (let’s face it… one of the worst disasters that can happen at a wedding. More HERE). CB’s sure the same won’t happen to guests at Robbie Williams’ wedding this Saturday, when he due to tie the knot with his American girlfriend Ayda Field (HERE).

Finally, couple in Southampton are celebrating after flogging a wedding gift they received 45 years ago for £500,000. The unnamed pensioners auctioned off a pair of Oriental looking vases – an heirloom from the groom’s dad – which turned out to be rare 18th century Chinese imperial pieces from the Qialong dynasty (HERE).

CB wonders if you can order one of those on John Lewis’ wedding gift list…

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News round-up: the week in weddings

Because the weird and wonderful world of weddings means weird and wonderful news stories…

ccBride-to-be Chelsea Clinton should watch her back, after being accused of ruining the pending big day of another bride. Emn Haddad-Friedman is upset after finding out that the former first-daughter and child of Hilary and Bill Clinton is due to get married on the same day as her, July 31, in the same US town.

Brooklyn-based school teacher Emn is reported to have said: “I know she’s not doing it on purpose. But Chelsea Clinton has taken what was supposed to be a special day for me turned it into hell.”

But before we accuse Emn of acting like a Bridezilla on heat, CB must highlight that she has a point. Because if Chelsea’s $2 million wedding to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky does go ahead in the town of Rhinebeck (and as it will no doubt feature the US glitterati and big wigs) most of the roads will be closed… leaving Emn’s wedding guests unable to get from the church to the reception.

For Emn’s sake, let’s hope – as rumours suggest – that the Rhinebeck plan is a rouse, and Chelsea is actually getting hitched in Martha’s Vineyward. (Read more HERE)

From one political power-family (with a daughter named after a place in Britain) to another. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has allegedly refused to attend her daughter Bristol’s wedding to Levi Johnston. However, Mr (less-well-known) Palin will walk his daughter down the aisle. (Read more HERE)

Back over on CB’s side of the pond, wedding’s aren’t exactly plain sailing either. News has come to light, which will no doubt make Mr CB very happy, that singer turned TV-presenter Myleen Klass has scrapped plans to walk down the aisle with her security guard partner of ten-years Graham Quinn. Myleen, who has a two-year-old daughter Ava, apparently fears that getting hitched will ruin their relationship.

“When I look at all the celeb couples splitting up, I think it’s time to return to the basics. It’s much more important to just love and respect each other than have a ring on your finger,” said Myleen. (Read more HERE)

acOnto more light-hearted news. The very lucky Alicia Keys will have wedding shoes specially made for her by Christian Louboutin and a bridal gown by Vera Wang (as CB daydreams for a moment, you can read more HERE). Meanwhile, heart-throb Orlando Bloom has tied the knot with his supermodel girlfriend Miranda Kerr (HERE).

Finally – an idea for wedding entertainment. Civil engineer Hall Hunt, who is ranked as the world’s No 9 competitive eater, challenged his wife to a cake eating contest during their Florida wedding… and she won!  (HERE)

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