And the beat goes on…

I have a long list of wedding related tasks to work through, but every time I tick something off I remember three other points I need to add on. One step forward, three steps back, as they say.

Thankfully Mr CB and I marked another two biggies off our list. The first is the DJ, which we have booked through Prelude – one of Kew’s recommended entertainment suppliers. Actually, this was one of the responsibilities I gave Mr CB to sort out, along with booking with wedding transport, wedding night accommodation and booze.

He decided on a DJ called Steve who does events for the Sultan of Brunei! Well if it’s good enough for the Sultan, I suppose I’m ok with it ;) The cost was about £500 for five hours, which seems pretty steep to me, but then I suppose all wedding related things are. The downside is that there is no extra money in the kitty, so we will not be able to have any live music, which I would have liked… such as a string quartet for the ceremony, and in an ideal world a cool band for the evening (although that was NEVER going to happen!).

We have also booked our wedding night accommodation at the Radisson Edwardian at Heathrow (a nice looking deluxe room), so we can fly out the day after the wedding.  It will mean taking our holiday luggage with us to the wedding venue, and then taking it to the hotel when we leave the reception in the evening. Complicated! We have a shortlist of destinations for the honeymoon, but I’ll leave that for another blog.

Radisson EdwardianRadisson Edwardian

If we weren’t planning to fly out the next day, we would have stayed in either the Petersham Hotel or the Richmond Hill Hotel (the image below on the right doesn’t do it justice) – both of which are very beautiful hotels on the top of Richmond Hill, which is a short drive from Kew Gardens.



Finally, I and one of my bridesmaids met with a florist last week, who seems lovely. Her name is Jennifer, and she runs Best of the Bunch on Harrow on the Hill. She doesn’t have her own florists shop, but works out of a studio from her home. We spent an hour going through different ideas, and she was really accommodating and helpful when she realised I was on a budget. She has given me quotes for displays of various sizes, ranging from £15-£45, pedestal displays from £80 and bouquets at around £50.

These prices were a vast different from a beautiful florists called Lilyma, which is on Harrow on the Hill. The place is gorgeous, but with bouquets starting at £70, it is very much out of my price range.

I’d really like flowers in soft, antique pinks, peaches and creams, and I understand a good way to keep costs down is to pick local seasonal flowers. However, for me as long as the colours are right I couldn’t care less what type of roses are used or whether the displays feature hydrangeas or sweet peas. I really think a talented florist can make anything look beautiful.

One thing I know is that my bouquet has to be small and neat to suit my small hands and frame – a cascading display would just look wrong on me! But I can’t decide whether I want a mixed bouquet with different textures, or a simple one of two-tone Cezanne roses that give that vintage wedding flowers look, like in the picture below.


Anyway, I really liked Jennifer, which I think is incredibly important – after all you don’t want to part your cash with someone who you don’t like. My sister and I will go and visit her again this Saturday and hopefully get her booked. I will then report back on what sort of displays I can afford!

CB x

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2 comments to And the beat goes on…

  • I know the feeling! I thought we were all sorted but the florist won’t reply to confirm she’s got the deposit and the photographer just cancelled – one step forward, three back indeed! Sounds like you’re getting married in west London – I’m a west London girl myself!

  • admin

    Hello west London lady! Oh no, sorry to hear about the photographer. That’s a real nightmare. When and where is your wedding? x

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