Shoes for brides with petite feet!

Anyone with tiny toes like me knows how hard it is to find grown-up, fashionable, well-fitting shoes… and how frustrating, and sometimes a little embarrassing, it is to be relegated to the children’s department of a shoe shop (particularly when you are a shoe lover).

BUT, the gods of shoe heaven have finally answered my prayers, and I am about to burst with excitement as I share this with you. I have just discovered (thanks to a very clever colleague, a veritable angel Gabriel) a lovely little website full of lovely little shoes dedicated to petite ladies with petite feet!

Kick off those kids’ ballet pumps (hooray!) and take a minute to browse – a treasure trove of flats, heels, sandals, and boots in sizes 13-3 (UK). And don’t feel nervous about ordering online – the site features instructions on how to correctly measure your feet so that you can compare them against the measurements of each shoe design. The site also offers a full refund or exchange, if things go wrong.

The shoes are a little pricey – generally over £100 – but probably worth the investment. Best of all, Pretty Small Shoes has a range of petite wedding shoes for petite brides.

Here are a few:

1 Bona Heel £89. 2 May £129. 3 Perfect Day £119. 4 Splendour £129.

bona-heel89 may129

Perfect_Day119 splendour129

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