Unusual venues: Wellington Arch

London is scattered with fabulously quirky wedding venues from grand, historic buildings to unexpected, hidden treasures. And if chosen wisely these locations can really pack a welcome punch to your big day… with very little effort on your behalf (my kind of wedding planning!).

So following on from my article on Harrow School, we travel into the heart of the city to explore a site that you probably never imaged could be a wedding venue.

What is it called? Wellington Arch

Where is it? On the north-west side of Hyde Park, just a couple of minutes away from Hyde Park Corner station. You’d struggle . . . → Read More: Unusual venues: Wellington Arch

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Unusual venues: Harrow School

Finding the right venue was a massive thing for me when I first started my wedding planning, and it was also the most daunting. I realised that the venue sets the tone for the day, and it is, of course, one of the biggest financial commitments you will make when you get hitched. I neither had a tone or theme in mind for my wedding and I had a pretty small budget… so I initially panicked, then  I think I probably cried, and then spent a lot of time researching venues both in London and in the neighbouring counties.

Through my search . . . → Read More: Unusual venues: Harrow School

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How to have an English garden wedding in London…

My wedding research has made me fall in love with the idea of an English garden wedding – the flowers, the sunshine (fingers crossed) and the relaxed atmosphere. Perfect! However, if you live in London like me you probably don’t have the sort of garden that is big enough to swing a cat, or you might not have a garden at all.

Thankfully, the capital is a beautifully green city (a surprise to some), with lovely parks dotted around… most of which will have a central building that is licensed to hold a wedding, or at least is available for receptions. These . . . → Read More: How to have an English garden wedding in London…

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A U-turn somewhere between Lefkada and Kew Bridge…

I am grateful that organising a wedding is nothing like driving down a one-way street – you can make a U-turn and head the other way at any point. Yes, I’m heading for one destination (to get married) but thankfully there are a number of routes to get there.

What does this waffle mean?

Well, a while ago now – pre-knee dislocation (which explains my silence on the blog and twitter-sphere) – I made a massive U-turn in my wedding planning. I had been certain I wanted to get married in Greece, and had even met with a lovely planner, and was trying . . . → Read More: A U-turn somewhere between Lefkada and Kew Bridge…

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iWedding in the Big Apple

From Asda to Apple… To continue on the theme of unusual places to get married, one couple got hitched in the Apple store in New York.

Josh and Ting Li said “iDo” on Valentine’s Day in the store on Fifth Avenue, where they first met. The ceremony was attended by 30 family and friends, as well as surprised staff and shoppers. Before you get excited, the event was not authorised by . . . → Read More: iWedding in the Big Apple

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Sun, Sea, Sand

When myself and Mr Clueless Bride (hmmm… not sure he will appreciate that name) got engaged about six months ago, we had no idea how much a wedding would cost. So it came as a shock to the system to discover that the average wedding in the UK costs about £20,000.

What started out as an amazing development in our relationship, soon became a massive point of contention and stress. We had already decided that we were going to pay for the whole shebang, but how were we going to afford it?

After months, I exaggerate not, of negotiations and looking at cost-effective . . . → Read More: Sun, Sea, Sand

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