Sun, Sea, Sand

When myself and Mr Clueless Bride (hmmm… not sure he will appreciate that name) got engaged about six months ago, we had no idea how much a wedding would cost. So it came as a shock to the system to discover that the average wedding in the UK costs about £20,000.

What started out as an amazing development in our relationship, soon became a massive point of contention and stress. We had already decided that we were going to pay for the whole shebang, but how were we going to afford it?

After months, I exaggerate not, of negotiations and looking at cost-effective . . . → Read More: Sun, Sea, Sand

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Gettin’ hitched Hollywood-style

We’ve all found ourselves pining after a picture painted in a Hollywood film or TV show at some point. After all, that’s one of the reasons why a programme like Sex and the City was so popular, right? I know I dreamt of owning Carrie’s wardrobe… and maybe Smith Jerrod.

But, as someone who spends a large amount of time writing about arts and entertainment, what I love about wedding films is the fact that they – by and large – feature a disaster scenario with a happy ending. And usually that disaster is something we can relate to or empathise . . . → Read More: Gettin’ hitched Hollywood-style

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